Master Cheat : Amoeba PICO 31 December 2011 
Cute game, Coolz Cheat hehehehe :D,
Amoeba PICO Cheat Is release in date 31 December 2011, 

What Feature In This Cheat Amoeba PICO :
1. Big Head
2. Big Body
3.Transform the Character Body and the Head into BIGGER

Tools :
2. Browser, I Suggest For Use Mozilla

How To Use Amoeba PICO Cheat :
1. Download Cheat Engine 
2. Open Your cheat engine

3.Open your amoeba pico
4. Click Procces>Plugin-container.exe (for mozilla)

5. Change The Value Type from Byte to Text
6.Search For minimum_secret
7.After found the REsult (Address), Select all and move it into the bottom of CE by using the red pointer beside it
8.Change any value to maximum_secret (to change into a large body)
  9. or by change to bigface_secret (for big heads).
  10. to enable it, write in the chatbox / min
  11. Congrats !!!!


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