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In a similar line of thinking to the producer's past games, Amnesia is an exploration-based experience activity performed from a first-person viewpoint. The experience maintains the physical item connections used in the Penumbra sequence, enabling for physics-based questions and communications such as starting gates and solving equipment. Few in-game things are handled by toggle; to start a entrance, for example, the gamer must hold down a rabbit and then force (or pull) the rabbit. This gives the gamer turn invisible, enabling them to look out a barely-opened entrance or start it gradually to put away, but also contributes to the gamblers sense of vulnerability, as it is now entirely possible to attempt to force start a "pull" entrance while risk techniques from behind.

In addition to a health signal, Daniel's peace of mind must be handled. Being in night too long, seeing disturbing activities, or looking at creatures will decrease Daniel's peace of mind, resulting in visible and hearing hallucinations and illustrating the attention of creatures. Mild resources help recover peace of mind, and if none are available Daniel may use tinderboxes to kindle candle lights in walls associate and candelabra, or set up an oil-burning lantern found near the beginning of the activity. However, the number of tinderboxes and the quantity of oil available are both restricted, and status in an easy also makes the gamer more recognizable to creatures. The gamer must balance how long Daniel usually spends learn how to and darkness. Sanity is fully renewed once Daniel finishes an purpose or moves along the mission's tale. It may also be renewed by remaining in the dark areas until Daniel goes out, but this results in him incredibly susceptible to any close by creatures.

If a creature areas Daniel, it will pursuit him until he's out of vision. If identified, Daniel must run away, as Amnesia does not give the gamer access to weaponry. Daniel must find concealing places or barrier gates with stones, seats and other obstacles; however, creatures are capable of shredding down gates in their direction and throwing hurdles out of the way, and move fast once they have identified their feed. Gamers can also choose to cover up Daniel in the dark areas, at cost to peace of mind. Monsters who forget Daniel will search for him for an occasion, but will gradually keep and disappear. At several points in the activity, Daniel must attract them into ruining an hurdle in his direction.

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