Cheating Master: Disgaea Afternoon Of Darkness Cheat And Guide

Etna Mode
Etna Mode is the hidden Mode, for unlock it you must read every chapter diary etna . . .  or you can input the following code in title, Choose “New Games” : Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X

Unlockable Class
Angel- Female Cleric all knight and archer must have LV 100 or higher.
Archer- Level 3 or higher in bow weapon mastery
EDF SOILDER- Level 30 or higher in Gun Weapon Mastery
Galaxy Mage- Level Prism Mage Must reach lvl 50
 Galaxy Skull- Level Prism Skull Must Reach Lvl 50
Knight- Female Warrior and Female Mage Must Reach Level 10 or higher
Bad Ending
- Defeated Item God in floor 100 from Legendary Item
Etna Heroine- Kill 100 Friend or more before Episode 5’s Ice Quen Battle and then Choose For kill Maderas
Flone Tragedy- Kill 50 Friend or more Before Episode 3 and Lavish Hall Battle, Choose For Kill Hogmoiser.
Good Ending- Finish The Game Without Killing a friend
Midboss Ending!- Lose On Midboss Battle In The First Meet With midboss
Overthow Earth- Clean All World Human

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