Master Cheating: Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi 3 [WII] Unlockable Character'
Unlockable Character

In this Article, I will Share about Unlock The Character on game Dragon Ball Z : Budokai Tenkaichi 3[WII] And This Is It
Android 8- fight and win “Affectionate Android”
Arale : Fight And Win “Dream Match: Goku Vs Arale”
Babidi: Fight And Win “Farewell To The Proud Warrior”
Cyborg Tao: Finish the Second Level Otherworld Tournament
Devillman: Finish The “Unexpected Help”
Dr. Wheelo: Finish The “Strongest In The World”
Fasha : Finish The Third Level Yamcha Game
General Blue : Finish The “Penguin Village”
Goku GT: Fight And Win “Immortal Monster”
KingCold : Win In Third Level Cell Game
King Piccolo: Defeated “Ceiling Vs. Ground”

King Veggeta: Win in “Galaxy Battle”
Nail: Defeat The “Super Saiyan”
Nam: Defeat The “Ceiling Vs. Ground”
Nouva Shenron: Win In “Solar Warrior”
Pilaf Machine: Defeat The Second Level Of The World Martial Arts Tournament”
Spopovich: Defeat The Third Level Of The World Tournament
Tambourine: Defeat The “Goku Strikes Back”

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