Master Cheating | CityVille Bot ver.2.02

CityVille Bot Ver.2.02 is release !! well, actually this bot ver is had long been Release :D, Howefer How to use this BOT is same as Another Bot For zynga game.

Featured In This Bot :
1) Memory limit increased in php.ini
2) Plugin wikia deactivated by default
3) Array $this->copsAndBandits was commented since it do not use in any Plugin
4) Crops plugin minor fix
5) Added new plugin Dashboard by Xfiles
6) Updated php version to 5.3.8
If you have a Windows 32 bits you must install: Microsoft 2008 C++ Runtime (x86)
If you have a Windows 64 bits you must install: Microsoft 2008 C++ Runtime (x64)
7) Added new plugin cityfran by sowijo_kaskuser
8) Updated plugin Inbox by tonycell
9) Added new plugin sendToInventory by vincenzo
10) Bug in exe file when you close bot there are still exists some php process - fixed 

Ups I Forgot enter the link in this article :D. well, this is it !!!

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